COVID Coping Week 14

How SaskWatch members are coping with COVID-19

In our continued curiosity of knowing how SaskWatch members are holding up with COVID-19, here’s what they told us in Week 14 (June 22 to 26)…

We surveyed 400 Saskatchewan residents on our consumer panel, SaskWatch Research®, each week. We will not be conducting the barometer the week of June 29. The next update will be on July 10.

The word cloud below shows how people are feeling in Week 14 – in a single word:

Self-reported mental health returns to levels noted in late May and early June, with nearly two thirds describing themselves as happy:

Stress levels due to COVID-19 increase slightly this week. Correspondingly, outlook for the weeks ahead declines slightly, with nearly two in ten believing things will “get worse”:

Concern about both the virus and the economy largely holds steady for another week:

Comfort participating in several activities continues to increase or hold steady. The largest increases since tracking began are for going to restaurants, hair stylists, shopping malls and health-care practitioners:

Three quarters of residents feel the pandemic is only having either “some” or “a lot” of impact on their lives these days:

Overall, Saskatchewan residents hold favourable opinions regarding the performance of local and provincial governments, but less so of the federal government in managing the pandemic. In stark contrast, sentiments of how American governments have handled the pandemic in the United States are extremely poor.

Since March 23, 2020, we started sharing a few brief insights from our online community, SaskWatch Research®. As we monitor and trend the results by week, we will share the information with you as we get it.

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