COVID Coping: Issue No. 67

Self-reported mental health remains low and stress due to COVID-19 remains at record high levels this week.

Outlook for the weeks ahead remains poor.

Saskatchewan residents are very comfortable discussing their vaccination status with loved ones, colleagues and their bosses. Those not yet vaccinated are less comfortable sharing this information, although roughly one half is still very comfortable doing so.

Close to two thirds of those employed think it is appropriate for employers to know their vaccination status. Despite one half of those not vaccinated being comfortable discussing their vaccination status with their boss, few believe it is appropriate for their employer to know this information.

Four in ten say their employer either requires proof of vaccination or will require this information in the near future. One half believe this information will not be required.

More than half of vaccinated people say they have discussed vaccines with friends or family members who are not vaccinated. However, vaccinated people are split on whether this kind of discussion is effective at encouraging those not vaccinated to get the jab.

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