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6 Takeaways From a Recent Survey About Key Issues and Hopes for Saskatchewan in 2022

April 19, 2022 – A recent survey was done with 802 SaskWatch members from Saskatchewan that touched on top-of-mind key issues and hopes for 2022.

The survey was conducted by Insightrix Research in April 2022 using SaskWatch Research, its online research panel.

The following are six key takeaways from the survey:

Are more selfish and concerned about our individual needs (56%)

Are more aware of others’ needs and/or those less fortunate around us (40%)

Haven’t learned anything from the pandemic (39%)

Have come together for the greater good (30%)

State of Saskatchewan: April Streeter

To get a qualitative sense of how Saskatchewan residents are feeling, Insightrix hit the streets of Saskatoon about critical issues and their hope for the province for 2022.

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SaskWatch X The Saskatchewan Rett Syndrome Association

Did you know that 1 in 10,000 people have Rett Syndrome worldwide. Although considered rare, many families are affected by Rett Syndrome in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Rett Syndrome Association supports people affected by Rett Syndrome in the province, offering information and support to newly diagnosed or helping pay for equipment down the road. They help more than 25 Saskatchewan families every year through their extensive advocacy.

Here is what they would say…

Many researchers worldwide try to improve people’s lives with Rett Syndrome, whether with new therapies or symptomatic treatment and find a way to reverse the disease! It can be difficult to wade through all the pertinent information with this changing research. However, finding trusted news is one step to simplifying this journey.

There are national and international Rett syndrome conferences help connect families with the research. Every year we send one to two families to a discussion on a reconnaissance mission of sorts, gather info and return home to tell everyone. As a banded community, we can make the tiresome information gathering easier.

What does SRSA raise money for?  

  • Every member has an allotted sum of money they can apply to receive for an unmet need.
  • We sponsor families to go to conferences focused on Rett syndrome.
  • We donate money to Canadian research
  • Recently, we collaborated with other Canadian associations to bring a series of webinars focusing on AAC to our members and gave each family sessions with an SLP team.

Saskatchewan Rett Syndrome Association has donated more than $30,000 to families and research affected by Rett Syndrome. To support the Saskatchewan Rett Syndrome Association, check out their website and donate your SaskWatch points.

To donate your Reward Points to the SRSA, once you log in to your SaskWatch account, click on ‘SaskWatch points’ at the top of the page. Then click on ‘Redeem’ and choose ‘Donate to Charity’ (a Minimum of 150 points is required for point redemption). 

Impact of Inflation on Food Prices in Saskatchewan

Insightrix recently conducted a poll of 800 SaskWatch members from Saskatchewan to gain insight into the impact of increased food prices on individuals.

Notably, we discovered that on average, residents cite a 20% to 30% increase in their household grocery bill. Given the overall sentiment, Saskatchewan residents say they are generally more concerned about their household grocery expenses because of inflation.

The top concerns cited by residents due to inflating food prices include affordability / being able to stay within their existing budget (52%), making sure they can eat healthy/quality food (24%), and that the general price of food will continue to increase (17%).

Overall, Saskatchewan residents indicate a recent change to purchase behaviours due to the rise in food prices, with 62% of residents saying they are now buying ‘different or less or lowered priced brands’ than they were previously.

Significant changes in behaviours are especially noted for those who say they have decreased how often they eat out at a restaurant (59%) or order take-out (49%).

SaskWatch X New Hope Dog Rescue

New Hope Dog Rescue (NHDR) is a non-profit, foster-based organization that has rescued and re-homed dogs in need since 2003. They work to address the overpopulation problem and promote responsible dog ownership in Saskatchewan.

All of the dogs that join NHDR are partnered with loving and dedicated foster parents, these families also help provide the care the dogs require until matched with adoptive, permanent homes. Every dog rAll of the dogs that join NHDR are partnered with loving and dedicated foster parents, and these families also help provide the care required until they are matched with adoptive, permanent and loving homes. As a result, every dog receives proper medical care from the basics (i.e., vaccinations, deworming, microchip, spay/neuter) to more extensive care (anything from dental work to corrective surgery to treatment of skin conditions).

New Hope has found loving homes for over 3914 dogs.

Here is the stHere is how Winston was rescued, shared by New Hope Dog Rescue.

On March 13, 2022, we were contacted by a front-line rescuer about an injured dog. Fortunately, we had a foster ready and able to take this poor fella in. Winston arrived and was immediately admitted to the WCVM, where he was seen for extensive wounds and bruises. He required x-rays and ultrasound to ensure that he didn’t have any broken bones or internal injuries. Winston will remain at the vet college for further treatment of his wounds.

On March 15, 2022, Winston was discharged from the WCVM. He has a drain in his left hind leg to assist in the healing of a deep wound, and his foster family is ensuring it is doing its job. He’s bandaged, shaved, and on antibiotics to ensure no infections take hold of the numerous wounds he has sustained, and he will need to wear his cone for the next two weeks while he heals. Meanwhile, he is resting and recuperating in his loving foster home. Winston will need to continue vet care with one of our partner vets to remove the drain and ensure his wounds heal before he is ready for adoption.

To donate your SaskWatch Points to New Hope Dog Rescue, log in to your SaskWatch, and click on ‘SaskWatch points’ at the top of the page. Then click on ‘Redeem’ and choose ‘Donate to Charity’ (a Minimum of 150 points is required for point redemption).

SaskWatch X CC RezQs

CC RezQs is a registered Non-Profit organization to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome stray dogs from First Nations communities across Saskatchewan. They have saved nearly 200 stray dogs to date, travelled tens of thousands of kilometres, and distributed thousands of pounds of dog food to strays in need.

The dogs rescued are typically in deplorable shape. They are extremely malnourished, have worms, fleas, ticks, and sometimes mange. They have scars from old wounds and are bleeding from new wounds. They have broken teeth and injuries ranging from still broken bones to incorrectly healed fractures. However, physical wounds are healed through the exceptional, professional, and compassionate care team at Lakewood Animal Hospital and Victoria Vet clinic, and emotional scars are healed by volunteers and fosters who spend countless hours lying on the floor, gaining the trust of a stray.

CC RezQs is funded 100% through donations. All supplies, such as kennels, food, and other items, are donated, and all work is performed on a volunteer basis. We request all our generous SaskWatch members to donate to this charity and help this charity to save more such innocent lives. Please check out their website for more information  

To donate your panel points to the CC RezQs, once you log in to your SaskWatch, click on ‘SaskWatch points’ at the top of the page. Then click on ‘Redeem’ and choose ‘Donate to Charity’ (a Minimum or 150 points is required for point redemption).

COVID Coping: Issue No. 89

Self-reported mental health is strong, with the highest proportion of people feeling positive since the beginning of 2022. In fact, the last time this many people reported positive mental health was just before Christmas and before that, at the end of last summer.

Stress due to the pandemic has continued to decline, matching levels last seen in the summer of 2021.

Despite improved mental health and reduced stress, outlook for the coming weeks remains steady with half of residents thinking things will remain the same.

Claimed public mask-wearing remains prevalent. Tied to this, equal proportions have either mentally moved on from COVID or remain concerned about the pandemic.

On the positive side, residents document many inspiring and heart-warming stories during their pandemic trials. These experiences can be bottled up into the following themes:

Some quotables include…

Since the pandemic’s beginning, we started sharing a few brief insights from our online community, SaskWatch Research®.

COVID Coping: Issue No. 88

Self-reported mental health drops this week, potentially due to non-pandemic-related events such as the war in Ukraine or gasoline prices, while stress specifically due to the pandemic remains steady.

Outlook for the coming weeks stabilizes with more people thinking things are going to stay the same.

One half say they continue to wear masks in public places most of the time while one quarter only wear a mask if required to by a business.

However, close to six in ten say they would feel welcome to enter a public space without wearing a mask. Those who choose to not wear a mask feel more welcome going unmasked in public spaces than those who choose to wear masks regularly.

One half have been to places this past week that still require people to wear a mask. Medical facilities are the most common places residents have been asked to still wear a mask, followed by retail stores.

We’ll be taking a break next week but plan to be back with another issue the week of March 21.

COVID Coping: Issue No. 87

Self-reported mental health remains steady while stress levels due to the pandemic soften.

Outlook for the coming weeks improves.

A large proportion continues to wear masks even though the mandate was lifted this week. However, many are still comfortable spending time around those who are not wearing a mask.

With lifted COVID-19 restrictions, residents report higher comfort levels visiting restaurants, shopping malls, gyms, and other public places.

Donate to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

The Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations to support those impacted by the crisis currently unfolding in Ukraine. Donations made up until March 18, 2022, will be matched by the Government of Canada up to a maximum of $10 million (CAD).

We encourage SaskWatch members to donate points to the Canadian Red Cross, added to our SaskWatch front page. All donations made to Canadian Red Cross until March 18, 2022, will go to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

Here are a few steps to donate your points:

– Once you are logged in to your SaskWatch account at, you can view your point balance on top of the page. The number written in front of the word “SaskWatch Points” is your point balance.

– Find the option “Rewards” located in the menu.

– Click on “Rewards,” and from the dropdown menu, choose “Redeem.”

-Once you are on the redeem page, click on the “click here to redeem your points” button and follow the below 4 step process for making your donation to the Canadian Red cross.

  • Step1, select “Donate to Charity,” and click continue.
  • In step 2, you will be loaded to the charity directory page, which contains a list of charities on SaskWatch. Now search for “Canadian Red Cross” Select this charity by clicking on the icon and hit continue.
  • The system will take you through 3 steps to add the amount you would like to donate (in points) and continue.
  • In step 4, you can review your account details, charity name, and donated points. If all the details are correct, click on the Complete button to submit your donation request.

Thank you for your generosity.

SaskWatch X Meewasin

A note from Amy Wall, Manager, Marketing and Fund Development, Meewasin Valley Authority:

Meewasin exists to ensure a healthy and vibrant river valley, with a balance between human use and conservation, for the benefit of present and future generations, in the Saskatoon region. A committed staff, board and volunteer base are dedicated to conserving the cultural and natural resources of the South Saskatchewan River Valley. Meewasin has had a long and successful relationship with Insightrix (parent company of SaskWatch), helping to poll the community and better guide our work as a charity and have even been a donor! We rely on donations to continue all of our work on behalf of the community.

We thank all our panel members for being a part of these charity spotlights and continuing to donate. Check out their website for more details:

Here is how to donate your panel points to the Meewasin! Once you log in to your SaskWatch, click on ‘SaskWatch points’ at the top of the page. Then click on ‘Redeem’ and choose ‘Donate to Charity’ (Minimum or 150 points are required for point redemption).

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