COVID Coping Week 15

How SaskWatch members are coping with COVID-19

In our continued curiosity of knowing how SaskWatch members are holding up with COVID-19, here’s what they told us in Week 15 (July 6 to 10)…

We surveyed 400 Saskatchewan residents on our consumer panel, SaskWatch Research®, each week. We will continue our barometer every second week. The next update will be on July 24.

The word cloud below shows how people are feeling in Week 15 – in a single word:

Self-reported mental health remains steady, with two thirds describing themselves as happy:

Stress levels due to COVID-19 remain steady. Outlook for the weeks ahead has largely stabilized, with most feeling things will “remain the same”:

Concern about both the virus and the economy also remain largely steady:

Comfort participating in several activities remains steady. The largest increase since the previous tracking period is for visiting a mall:

Despite increased comfort participating in a range of activities, opinions are divided regarding whether or not it feels like things are “back to normal”. Most feel it is either somewhat or not really back to normal:

Since March 23, 2020, we started sharing a few brief insights from our online community, SaskWatch Research®. As we monitor and trend the results by week, we will share the information with you as we get it.

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