COVID Coping: Issue No. 81

Self-reported mental health softens slightly, but stress due to the pandemic rises to near-record levels.

With rising stress, outlook for the weeks ahead remains weak, with most feeling things will continue to get worse or remain in a depressed state.

A strong majority continue to be concerned about Omicron, but the level of concern has not risen notably despite wide transmission of the variant throughout the province in recent weeks.

About one-half have reportedly taken a COVID-19 test within the past 2-weeks, most commonly an at-home, self-administered rapid antigen tests. Frequency of self-testing is likely tied to the fact that three in four residents know someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past two weeks.

Perhaps also tied to rising stress levels, one half of residents are resigning themselves to the fact that they will likely catch the Omicron variant despite taking safety measures.

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