COVID Coping Week 27

Since March, we have been tracking how Saskatchewan residents have been holding up with COVID-19. Here are the latest results from November 2 to 5, 2020. 

We surveyed 400 Saskatchewan residents on our consumer panel, SaskWatch Research®, each week.

Self-reported mental health rises slightly, although stress levels due to the pandemic remain steady.

Outlooks for the weeks ahead remain less optimistic.

With rising COVID-19 cases in Saskatchewan, comfort participating in a range of activities is on the decline.

Three quarters of front-line workers express concern about contracting the virus from a customer or co-worker, though a majority feel their employer has provided sufficient protection to them as employees.

Residents anticipate doing more online holiday shopping this year and a large proportion also expect to be spending less.

Since March 23, 2020, we started sharing a few brief insights from our online community, SaskWatch Research®. As we monitor and trend the results by week, we will share the information with you as we get it.

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