COVID Coping: Issue No. 58

Early during the pandemic, we had respondents use one-word answers to describe their mood. We brought it back this week to see how far we’ve come.

“Good” is a classic one-word way to describe one’s mood in Saskatchewan, and that hasn’t changed over the past year.

However, negative words have diminished or have disappeared altogether since last March.

Self-reported mental health and stress levels remain much the same as last week.

Optimism about the future remains at an all-time high.

First vaccination rates among adults continue to climb while second vaccination rates continue to advance quickly.

When looking at COVID-19 statistics, most residents continue to pay the closest attention to new daily cases. The proportion of the population vaccinated is the second most common statistic. Far fewer track daily death counts compared to early February.

Saskatchewan residents are excited to see public health restrictions lifted on July 11, particularly to be free of their masks. While many say they will remain cautious in public places, many are thrilled to see friends and family again:

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