COVID Coping: Issue No. 88

Self-reported mental health drops this week, potentially due to non-pandemic-related events such as the war in Ukraine or gasoline prices, while stress specifically due to the pandemic remains steady.

Outlook for the coming weeks stabilizes with more people thinking things are going to stay the same.

One half say they continue to wear masks in public places most of the time while one quarter only wear a mask if required to by a business.

However, close to six in ten say they would feel welcome to enter a public space without wearing a mask. Those who choose to not wear a mask feel more welcome going unmasked in public spaces than those who choose to wear masks regularly.

One half have been to places this past week that still require people to wear a mask. Medical facilities are the most common places residents have been asked to still wear a mask, followed by retail stores.

We’ll be taking a break next week but plan to be back with another issue the week of March 21.

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