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Saskatoon Interval House is a temporary shelter for women and children leaving domestic violence who require safe accommodation. They provide supportive accommodations, in-house counselling, referrals, support, and guidance when working with outside agencies.

Here is a message, along with a heart-touching story shared by Saskatoon Interval House.

“Thanks for reaching out to us in support of women and their children fleeing from abusive relationships.

There are many stories we could share. The families coming to the shelter all have a common theme of lives shattered because of violence and abuse by their intimate partner. Canadian stats tell us that, on average, in Canada, a woman is killed by her partner every six days. These are devasting stats.

Today, I received a call from a woman who resided in the shelter a few years ago. Her story of abuse started shortly after their marriage. She began with control and jealousy, isolating her from her friends and family. Manipulation and angry toward her with name-calling, degrading comments were common in the beginning and gradually moved into physical violence, leaving her with bruises and fear. When she would try to leave, his promise to change would convince her to try again to make the relationship work. The Cycle of Violence begins in this “honeymoon stage” with promises and (controlling) kindness followed by the “tension building stage “with the pushing and name-calling, then the “explosive stage,” where the emotional and physical violence is unbearable.

This cycle is common in domestic violence.  The final beating ended up so severe that she could call the police and was taken to the hospital, where she was supported and cared for.  When she arrived at Interval House, she was given a safe place to sleep, group and one-to-one counselling and an understanding of the dynamics of violence and abuse in relationships. The support helped her to know she was not alone.

Today her call was to express how grateful she is for the support that brought her to the shelter and to thank the staff at Interval House that helped her gain self-worth, strength, and knowledge to move forward in her life. She is now pursuing her degree in nursing – living a safe and happy life.”

We are thankful and grateful to all SaskWatch members for supporting and donating to the charities on our weekly Charity Spotlight. Visit their website mentioned below to learn more about the charity. Also, we encourage you to contribute to Saskatoon interval house to keep doing the amazing work that they have been doing.


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