Impact of Inflation on Food Prices in Saskatchewan

Insightrix recently conducted a poll of 800 SaskWatch members from Saskatchewan to gain insight into the impact of increased food prices on individuals.

Notably, we discovered that on average, residents cite a 20% to 30% increase in their household grocery bill. Given the overall sentiment, Saskatchewan residents say they are generally more concerned about their household grocery expenses because of inflation.

The top concerns cited by residents due to inflating food prices include affordability / being able to stay within their existing budget (52%), making sure they can eat healthy/quality food (24%), and that the general price of food will continue to increase (17%).

Overall, Saskatchewan residents indicate a recent change to purchase behaviours due to the rise in food prices, with 62% of residents saying they are now buying ‘different or less or lowered priced brands’ than they were previously.

Significant changes in behaviours are especially noted for those who say they have decreased how often they eat out at a restaurant (59%) or order take-out (49%).

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