COVID Coping: Issue No. 70

Self-reported mental health improves while stress due to COVID-19 remains steady.

Outlook for the weeks ahead improves slightly, with fewer thinking things will get worse.

A total of 11% of our survey respondents have not been vaccinated.

Most of those not yet vaccinated say they have concerns about vaccine side effects or do not trust the government/companies that make vaccines. Two in ten refrain from becoming vaccinated due to health issues.

The proportion of residents saying their employer requires or will soon require proof of vaccination/negative COVID-19 tests continues to rise.

Four in ten residents have either had their surgery or a surgery of a loved one cancelled or delayed due to capacity issues in the healthcare system. Almost four in ten of those delays are reportedly tied to emergent or serious surgeries.

More than four in ten residents say they have obtained or are planning to obtain a rapid COVID-19 test kit.

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