SaskWatch x the Big Game survey

Shortly after the Big Game, we were curious to see what everyone thought, especially considering a Canadian act performed halftime!

In the survey, we asked SaskWatch members to rank some of their favourite commercial ads.

Let’s see what their favourites are!  

4. Bud Light Legends

Bud Light manages to create an advertisement that capitalizes on superheroes ‘ interests and multi-universe with former Bud Light commercial cameos such as Post Malone and Cedric the Entertainer on this year’s commercial roster action with their very own spin on the idea.  

3. Drake from State Farm

In this star-studded cast featuring the Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers and Paul Rudd, the commercial had the internet talking about Drake as the surprise cameo and “stand-in” for the ever-popular State Farm commercial spokesperson, Jake from State Farm.

2. Dorito’s 3D Flat Matthew

Matthew McConaughey is no stranger to cameos in commercials, often appearing in at least one brand advertisement every year. This time, Matthew graces us with a glimpse into his melancholy, only to be quite literally fulfilled by the nostalgic goodness of 3D Doritos.

The 90s are back, aren’t they?

And the most liked video is…

  1. Cheetos “It Wasn’t Me”

IRL super couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis star in this catchy rendition of the 90s classic “it wasn’t me.” Appearing with the iconic artist Shaggy, these two larger-than-life personalities help tell the classic age ole marital story – catching a snack thief in the act.

So, how was the game, according to SaskWatch Members?

Though this year’s event may have looked different from those in the past, there was no shortage of people watching – as 47% of respondents who filled out the survey said they watched the game, PLUS the halftime performance!

Another 20% say that they never watch the Big Game, which is fine. The commercials can be watched on YouTube the next day anyway!

This year’s showdown featured Tom Brady and the Buccaneers and the defending champs, the Kansas City Chiefs. Even with a perfect football story, 64% of SaskWatch members reported that it “didn’t really matter who won.” Although most of those who answered the survey said they were not cheering for a particular team, 22% stated they wanted the Buccaneers to win!

A Canadian at halftime?

While the game was exciting enough, many Canadians tuned in to watch Canada’s very own superstar, The Weeknd, put on a stellar performance, but what did SaskWatch members think?

While 3 of 10 surveyed said they enjoyed it, most said they were ‘unsure’ (36%) – others said it was merely ok (18%).

Did you know the Weeknd’s performance makes only the 3rd time a Canadian has performed at halftime? Can you guess the other two!?

What other Canadian acts do you think would put on an excellent performance?

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