COVID-19 Coping: Issue 46

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve been tracking how Saskatchewan residents have been holding up. Here is how people are feeling for the week of March 29, 2021.

Self-reported mental health and stress levels hold steady. Regina residents continue to report lower mental health status.

How would you rate your overall mental health as of today? by Week: Week
All things considered, how stressful is the COVID-19 pandemic to you personally? by Week: Week

Outlook for the weeks ahead declines slightly. Regina residents remain less optimistic.

 What is your outlook for the next few weeks? by Week: Week

Concern over the new variants spreading from Regina to other parts of the province is high, especially among Saskatoon residents.

How concerned are you over the new COVID-19 variants in Saskatchewan?

More than six in ten claim they are reducing contact with others because of the increased cases in Regina.

How much are you reducing your contact with others because of the increased cases in Regina? by Region2: Region

Four in ten say they plan to spend time with others – either indoors or outdoors – this coming Easter weekend. This is highest among younger and middle-aged residents. Note that more people are planning to spend time inside with others than spending time outdoors.

Are you planning on spending time with others (outside your immediate household) this Easter weekend? by Region2: Region

Opinions of COVID-19 vaccination rollout stall this week.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statements about COVID-19 vaccination in Canada by Week: Week

One third of residents surveyed say they have been vaccinated or have plans to receive one soon.

Have you... by Week: Week

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