A Tribute to Leigha and Darlene | Cat Adoption Drive in Darlene’s Honor

There are things in life you must experience to understand. Your first love. A first child. Your once-in-a-lifetime pet. How does a pet get this title?

It’s not just their unique personalities that set these guys apart. It’s also the fact that they accompany us through periods in our lives that are also “once in a lifetime,” like childhood, young and single, a pandemic, just getting married, etc.

These times can be heavily laden with emotions, ranging from exhilarating happiness to debilitating sadness, stress and worry. But, for better or worse, our constant companion is there with us and for us.

The Insightrix 10

A few years ago, Insightrix donated money to cover the costs for the adoption of 10 cats at the Saskatoon SPCA. These ten cats were unique in that they were the hardest to find a home for, and as a result, many had been at the shelter for an extended period of time. The paid adoption fees were hopefully an extra incentive to get them adopted and find their forever home. We called these kitties “The Insightrix Ten.”

Insightrix kept in close contact with the SPCA on their adoption status throughout the promotion. The last kitty, who was facing some health issues at the time, was Darlene. But then, on Tuesday, January 30, 2018, we got the most delightful news! Darlene was headed to her new happy home that afternoon with a lovely couple who promised to give her the life she deserves. Little did we know at the time, or did Leigha, the adopter of Darlene, that a true love story was blossoming.


Now Darlene was special! She was a quirky cat with lots of love and drooled when she was content. Leigha and her family gave her the full name of Darlene “Sweetie” Buscemi since she was a sweetheart and because of her wonky eyes.

Leigha adopted Darlene, who had no teeth and digestive and gluten issues and had already been returned twice to the SPCA, perhaps heading to the “unsuitable for adoption” list. Toothless, Darlene loved to smile when she was happy. Leigha loved to see her funny gummy smile. Darlene was a cuddle bug who constantly snuggled on Leigha’s chest daily. Sure, Darlene would throw up daily after eating, but that didn’t bother Leigha and her family. She was simply the sweetest, gentlest, and cuddliest cat their family had ever known.

Recently, Insightrix was notified by the owner of Darlene that she had passed away in her sleep on July 13, 2022. Even though it didn’t seem like a long time for Leigha, it was longer than their family, and their veterinarian thought, and they cherished every moment they had with Darlene.

Has Darlene earned the title of the once-in-lifetime cat? It sure sounds like it! This once hard-to-place cat became a great love for one family – showing that love can come from the most unsuspecting places.

Leigha and her family are now celebrating the life of Darlene, reflecting on the unconditional love she provided the family. A family that can open their arms to Darlene and care for her these past few years is bound to be deemed by the Cat Gods as worthy of another once in lifetime cat – and that will be one lucky kitty!

In appreciation for Leigha sharing the story of Darlene with Insightrix and in memory of Darlene, Insightrix is proud to start another “Insightrix Ten” pet adoption drive to match kitties needing a bit of help with families looking to care for them.  

Meet the New Insightrix 10!

Look at these handsome bois and girls. You have Milton, Strawberry, Steve-O, Morris, Oslo, Holland, Suri, Tyrek, and Tinky – all looking for their forever home! We are so fortunate to announce that one beautiful kitty has already been adopted!

Now, 9 cats are looking for their forever home:

Adopt one of these amazing cats!

If you are interested in adopting one of these beautiful cats to provide them with their new forever home, please visit the Saskatoon SPCA website or visit their location and ask about the Insightrix Ten.

Who knows, maybe you will find your next forever love, someone like Darlene who deserves to enjoy the comfort of a warm blanket and a loving family.   

Corrin Harper

President, Insightrix Research

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