SaskParty Maintains Support

A new independent Insightrix Research online poll finds voter intentions remain relatively consistent.

Presently 58% of decided Saskatchewan voters state they would cast their ballot for the SaskParty, while 31% would vote for the provincial NDP if a provincial election were held today. Another 6% would vote for the provincial Liberals and 3% for the Green Party. The remaining 2% report they would vote for another party. Voter intentions have remained generally consistent with previous Insightrix polls.
SaskParty Maintains Support #skpoli saskatchewan politics survey

Leadership Approval Ratings
In line with voting intentions, public approval ratings for Premier Brad Wall continue to remain strong. Presently, 33% of Saskatchewan residents strongly approve of his performance while another 30% somewhat approve, for a total approval rating of 63%. This is down slightly from one year ago (66%).

Approval ratings for Cam Broten, leader of the Saskatchewan NDP, have risen slightly. Currently, 42% of Saskatchewan residents strongly or somewhat approve of his performance, up from 38% one year ago.

Research Details
A total of 807 randomly selected SaskWatch Research™ panel members participated in the online research study from April 7th to 9th, 2015. Quotas were set by age, gender, and region to match the general population of the province. Since the research is conducted online, it is considered to be a non-probability proportion sample and therefore, margins of error are not applicable.

About SaskWatch Research™
Insightrix began developing its SaskWatch Research™ online market research panel in October 2007, using high-quality techniques including telephone recruitment and referrals from existing panel members. Presently, there are over 15,000 active panel members representing all regions of the province and distributions of the general population. The panel membership closely matches the 2011 Census based on age, gender, household composition, household income, and education. For more information, please visit

4 comments On SaskParty Maintains Support

  • It suprises me that Cam Broten ratings are up when he has done very little but complain or criticize the Wall government. He has no plan on how he would govern better. He would raise taxes and drive away business, just like the NDP did years ago.

  • I totally agree with Dennis . Hopefully people haven’t forgotten how the NDP party left Saskatchewan during their last stint in Government . We certainly do not want to see that again .

  • I agree. We need to remember who was there for us when we needed them and who left us high and dry

  • What has Brad Wall done for us? SaskTel Smart Meters! Did not save any money when oil was high. Wrongly estimated oil royalty revenue. Less than forthright with public about operational issues – lied about $1.5-billion carbon capture and sequestration project at Boundary Dam. Long waiting health care lists. Trying to privatize health care. Not building cost-efficient bypasses or even balancing a budget. Converting government-owned liquor stores to private ones = people losing their jobs. Trying to break unions. Forcing farmers to either drop everything to buy the land they’re currently leasing, make way for somebody who will, or pay an inflated price to hang onto a lease. No compassion for refugees. The list goes on and on. Now someone tell me what he has done for SK? I can’t think of a thing!!

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