Riders’ first defeat of the season and what fans think of it

Now in its ninth week for 2013, a weekly poll conducted by Insightrix Research Inc. asks a random selection of fans on the SaskWatch Research™ online panel their opinions of the ’Riders’ performance and predictions for the rest of the season. Every week, 200 fans from across the province complete a survey shortly after each game is played. Watch for weekly updates and post your thoughts and comments based on what fans are saying!

Upcoming Game Prediction & Score

Well, it happened – the Roughriders suffered their first regular season loss of 2013. Now tied with Calgary for first place overall in the CFL, the ’Riders have some regrouping to do for their upcoming game against Montreal. Fans remain hopeful that their ’Riders will win their next game against the Alouettes, with the index on the positive side at +81. This index is calculated by taking the proportion who say that the ’Riders will “Absolutely win or chances look good” and subtracting the proportion who believe things are “Not looking very good or that there is no chance at all.” Fans predict that the ’Riders will defeat the Alouettes by a wide margin, with average final scores coming in at 32 for Saskatchewan and 20 for Montreal.

Grey Cup Confidence Index

The Grey Cup Confidence index is calculated as follows: When presented with the question “How confident are you that the ’Riders’ will win the Grey Cup this year?” the percentage of respondents who said “No chance at all” or “Not looking very good” is subtracted from the percentage who answered “Absolutely. The Cup is ours” or “Chances look good.”

For more details, please visit http://www.letsgoriders.com/2013/08/14/2013-rider-tracker-going-into-game-seven/

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