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  1. They would be a better team if they got rid of Durant….he’s too inconsistant.

    • When the O-line does its job blocking and the receivers manage to catch the ball, Durant is as good as they come. Don’t put all the blame for inconsistency on the QB–it’s a team game!

    • Totally agree – his chest is too big
      Has the inability to pick up open receivers at a fast notice. This is especially true when the huddle play does not work and an alternative is needed asap.
      Why does management consistently rely on Durant as their main QB? They should have given this opportunity to the alternative QB’s early on in the season – especially so with Durant’s inconsistincy the last couple years.

  2. In retrospect, having seen our former punter McCallum booed out of town for missed field goals, one would think that the same should be applied to Milo. The riders could have won thier last two games, in particular thier last game, but instead lost by one point. Milo missed two field goals, one being from the 39th yard. My, how fans fast forget.

  3. Robert D. Wilson

    August 9, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    We fans need to have confidence in the Riders team to fix the problems that cause them to sag in the 4th quarter. One thing I notice is a consistent failure to block for
    Durant to give him time in the pocket and not be so rushed into desperation plays.

  4. Our QB is being left too long in a game, without being pulled, instructed, & put back in.
    I feel some times he should be allowed to call his own plays not all being sent in from the side line. We are laying a lot of blame on Durant, we don’t know the play book, so we don’t know if the paterns are being run right or not……………Recievers sometime don’t know their right from their left……the way they get hit………

  5. What I cannot figure out is: How can the Riders be so good in that first game against
    Hamilton and then deteriate so badly thereafter? I used to like Darian Durant, he did win a Grey Cup for them. But I have found his negative facial expressions as he comes off the field when things go wrong to be a harmful attitude to the team. He will never change and unfortunately this will cause more problems than his playing ability.

  6. robert schattenkirk

    September 11, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    if you are a true rider fan you belive in them win loss or is easy to be a no it all . try getting out there and do what they do.then come back and complain

  7. Being a loyal Rider fan is like being in a marriage. It’s long-term, for better or worse. We’ve lived through some of the worst, but the team has provided a lot of good football. Every team has its ups and downs. They still feed off the fan support, so don’t pull the pin and become critical just because they hit a few bad breaks.

  8. Riders need consistent defensive coaching preparation with ability to make adjustments during the game, Hall does not fill that need. Riders need to take a serious look at defensive coordinator in the off season.

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