Reported Prevalence of Saskatchewan People Using Their Cell Phones While Driving is High

A new independent online poll conducted by Insightrix Research suggests more than six in ten Saskatchewan residents claim to see at least one person operating a vehicle and talking or texting on a cell phone every day.

For complete results from the research please click here.

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  • I do not believe that there are 61% of people that do not use their cell to text at any given time. I see it all the time and have found a use for my horn on the car at every light stop in the city. It is used often an accident waiting to happen.

  • AND in the country! Travelling at 120 kms, eyes downcast & texting! I travel the hwy everyday & meet them everyday. Communicating by texting has become the new addiction! It was better when the cell phone addicts could hold it up to their ear at least they had their eyes on the road!
    Perhaps the legislation should be reviewed? Allow talking on a cell phone but texting while driving should qualify for confiscation of phone & vehicle!

    • I see just as many people on their cell phones as before, I have met truckers on their cell phones and i would say 95% are still using their phones when driving.

  • That 60-70% is not even close!

  • The number of females using the phone for texting and voice is way more than the reported numbers. On top of that phone use the number of women speeding and cutting in front of other cars is going through the roof. In one trip along Circle drive going west at 4pm I was cut off 5 times in less than 100 yds and for my horn blowing got the finger.
    These women don’t get in the accidents they cause them and they are long gone leaving the victims to deal with the police.

  • I think some people are fudging their answer. Far too many are driving and using a cell phone or texting. Fines don’t seem to correct the situation. Take their cars away for a period of time.

  • I still often see people (both male and female) talking on Cell Phones while driving, usually 1-2 / week. It bothers me greatly when I see people operating heavy commercial vehicles on the road with a cell phone to their ear. This seems to be even more common that passenger vehicles.

  • Absolutely something needs to be done about using cell phones while driving. I drove professionally for over 10 years and used my cell phone constantly. When the hands-free ruling was made I switched over to a bluetooth and therefore was always within the law. I never had an accident while on the phone, but I believe that the rights of cell phone users need to be null and void while driving. It is dangerous and stupid behavior and I was lucky in the extreme to escape without hurting anyone. The law as it stands would be fine if it was enforced, but I hardly ever see traffic police working unless there is a two day blitz or something. Truck drivers shouldn’t get a pass on this law because of the increased risk of death or injury due to their larger payloads. These laws should “enforced” and applied to all drivers. Distracted driving whether it be using a phone or reading or brushing teeth while driving is dangerous.

  • I see how people complain about people using their cell phones while driving. I agree that firmer laws have to be made concerning this problem. Another problem I have are people that drive while they have their dog sitting on their lap. I have never seen anyone doing anything about this. I have said that if the person with their dog in their lap gets in an accident, the animal goes through the windshield and then that dog has to be down. People that say they love their dogs and then have them sitting on their lap while driving do not love anything but themselves. If they love their dogs like they say they do, why do they allow that. People like that need a hefty fine, just like the ones who use their cell phones. First offense, $500.00 fine, second offense they lose their license for 6 months.

    • I could not agree with you more,seeing a dog on there lap while behind a wheel DRIVING should be on that show dumbest things on wheels I think its called.But what I think is funny is that it is I see OLDER people do this who should know better ??
      About two years ago ,our friends daughter 24 years old,grew up with us as part of our family.{short story} She was hit and killed by a car driven by a young adult TEXTING . No charges WTF

  • I have a really good idea treat texting/using cell phone like drunk driving with the same penalties.

  • To be honest, I think that everyone here is taking the easy answer and running with it. I don’t see how talking on the phone versus eating or smoking is any different – both legal acts. This post that I am going to make here will make 0 difference in the legislative building and thus I am not going to go into a big tirade. However, I think everyone here is being way too harsh regarding the cellphone use. The penalties are extremely stiff as is, and are already very difficult to police. I think everything is fine the way it is, for groups against cellphone use, and those whom choose to not follow the law – like not wearing a seatbelt. This poll however, as mentioned by other is way off, and probably once again an example of people who say “me?, no never.”

  • I think this is a huge problem! I see city police,rcmp using cell phones while driving,
    and not in pursuit,and they are the ones policing this problem? Maybe,if there is a
    way,while a vehicle is in motion cell phones would not work till the vehicle stops.
    There will be many more accidents and deaths untill this problem is solved.

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