New Study Released: CCS awareness higher on Prairies than the rest of Canada

Our SaskWatch Research panel members took part in a national study on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as a tool to combat climate change.  According to this study, public awareness and acceptance of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as a tool to combat climate change is higher in Saskatchewan and Alberta than the rest of Canada.  Other key findings:

  • 31% of Canadians think climate change is occurring and is due solely to human activity;
  • 57% of Canadians think climate change is caused by a mix of human activity and natural climate variation;
  • 95% of Canadians favor solar energy as an energy source followed by wind (90%), hydroelectric (81%), natural gas (71%), nuclear (32%) with coal trailing at (19%);
  • 51% of Canadians believe fossil fuels will still be used for electricity production after the year 2050; and
  • 29% of Canadians believe CCs will help ensure lower and more stable energy prices.

The online survey of 1,548 Canadians, commissioned by IPAC-CO2 with support from Carbon Management Canada (CMC), was conducted by Insightrix Research, Inc. between Sept. 27 and Oct. 28. 2011. For more information on the study, please visit CMC’s website: or IPAC-CO2’s site at .

10 comments On New Study Released: CCS awareness higher on Prairies than the rest of Canada

  • bobbijo anderson

    i think climet change is due to humans

    • I think your narrow minded to believe that climate change’s soul cause is humans. The earth goes through natural cycles which have been proven by science, we are just exacerbating the problem and speeding up the rate at which the cycles will occur.

  • I think the climate changes are due to the environment and pollution in the atmosphere

  • I’m with the climate change is natural crowd, although we may be speeding it up. that being said fossil fuels for power generation really should be a thing of the past and only the ancient hippies fear of nuclear power is to blame for that, however bring on the wind and solar!

    • I agreed with solar power, and wind. We never know when we can get a earthquake and end up with a mess like Japan , is for the future of our planet and children.

  • Please, NOT wind! We are losing our prairie birds fast enough! I may be aging, but I was never a hippie (why the next generation thinks everyone joined in that movement? It’s like thinking all of your generation are EMOs) I think nuclear power is as safe as anything else now, wasn’t always true.

  • It will not be long that new free energy sources will make dirty oil a dirty word. check out pes .com and be enlightned.

  • Climate change is a farce to justify increasing prices of comodities. The ice age is recent history in geological terms. The ice has been melting ever since. Is it speeding up? Put an ice cube in a bowl of water and watch how the melting accelerates as it gets smaller. It should be no surprise that the melting is accelerating. We went on an Alaska Cruise and obtained a map which showed the extent of the glaciers at different times since mapping of the area began. Interestingly, the glaciers did not receed at a regular rate but actually grew at different times and particularly during recent times when fossil fuel use was at it’s highest. Global warming because of human actions is not based in science but emotion. I believe in protecting the environment but get off the “sky is falling” bandwagon. If there were less of the anti nuclear rhetoric nuclear facilities would be far safer and the environment would benefit greatly. Accidents happen because most of the plants are old, worn out, and technologically behind the times. The anti nuc mentality makes it too expensive to replace them with all the hoops to go through and protests to fight. Think how safe our cars would be if faced with the same anti car mentality and protests. The easier it is to develop something the cheaper, safer and better it gets and the less likely it is that outdated technology will stay in use.

  • Climate change is natural occurring phenomena, but accelerated by our blatant (myself included) use of fossil fuels, until we all realize what we are doing climate change will continue. The earth as we know it today will one day cease to exist, so why worry and unless you are serious about it.

  • I think climate change is a natural cause. Climate change to me is like humans, when we get older our bodies changes so does everything else

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