New ‘Rider Tracker Article: Loss to Calgary

Find out what your fellow panelists thought about the recent loss to the Calgary Stampeders.

8 comments On New ‘Rider Tracker Article: Loss to Calgary

  • They just had bad year. There is ALWAYS next year

    • Thats just the problem with fans.This misconception of always next year is -that next year never comes. Past slogans like “the best is yet to come, or “the year of decision”—sound familiar. Im still waiting.

  • I am more of a saskatchewan fan but every team can have either a great season or a bad season

    • Why is it that once in a lifetime when we recently seen the rider club under Kent Austin/Tillman build a fortress of a team, running on all 8 cylinders, go on to win the grey cup, and then the next year collapse, with our best players traded off to other teams, firings, etc,etc,etc, and yet other teams like BC, Montreal build thier teams and win grey cups with concistancy. Look around, many of our best players are playing for other teams. It seems like the Riders are the farm team for other teams in the CFL to pick up our players.

  • Shades of 83

  • This color green- its getting a little embarrasing.

  • re riders: I do think that the team should be left as is, let them know their jobs are
    secure unless they appear to lose their desire to win, and let them play the best they can in the knowledge they are not going to be replaced next week. I think they are all trying to do too much, with too much public pressure and therefore playing too tight.
    I say, loosen up and GIVE ‘ER!!!!!

  • We’re used to being winners, it’s hard to swollow a 17 point lead, a 19 point lead & find a way to loose the game……
    Shake your heads coaches………….

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