Holiday Shopping in Saskatchewan 2017

Most Saskatchewan residents plan on buying gifts over the holidays.

Recently, from December 12-14, we ran a poll through SaskWatch to get an idea of Saskatchewan residents’ shopping plans for the 2017 holiday season.

Here’s what we found out.

Pretty much everybody is getting in on holiday shopping this year

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We found out that 93% of the people in the province intend to purchase gifts during the 2017 holiday season.

Almost everybody in Saskatchewan between the age of 35-54 (95%) say they plan on buying some presents, but it looks like folks a little older won’t be shelling out as much. Eighty-nine percent (89%) of those we polled over the age of 55 years say they’re buying gifts.

Hopefully, if you have grandparents, they’re in this group and not the other 11% who don’t plan on shopping for gifts this year.

Guys in the province seem to be letting the women in the province carry the gift shopping load this year. Fully 5% more women (95%) say they’ll be out hunting for presents, but only (90%) of men say they plan on holiday shopping.

Really guys?

When is everyone planning on shopping?

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It turns out that by the time we ran our survey, a sizeable portion (50%) of the people in the province had already finished their holiday shopping.

One in ten (10%) of those we polled are procrastinators, planning on putting it off until the very last few days before Christmas.

And, (I hope you like late presents if you know these folks) 2% don’t even plan on getting out to shop before Christmas at all – instead, they plan on doing it all during Boxing Week.

How much are they spending?

More than half (56%) of the people we polled said they plan on spending about the same amount that they did last year. Around one quarter (24%) say they plan on spending less, but (we hope you know one of these folks) 20% say they plan on spending more than last year.

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We wouldn’t know any of this without you!

Thanks to everyone here at SaskWatch for making polls like this possible! None of this would be possible without you.

Happy holidays from everyone from the SaskWatch Research and Insightrix Research teams!

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