Fan Ratings, Game Predictions and Grey Cup Confidence Index

Each week during the in the CFL season, Insightrix Research Inc. conducts a poll that asks a random selection of fans on the SaskWatch Research™ online panel their opinions of the ’Riders’ performance and predictions for the rest of the season. The poll, which is now in its 19th week, surveys 200 fans from across the province shortly after each game is played. Watch for weekly updates and post your thoughts and comments based on what fans are saying!

Upcoming Game Prediction & Score

If one didn’t know any better, he or she might have thought the most recent ’Rider game was held in Turnover Town and not Regina. The conditions were cold and slippery at Mosaic as B.C. and Saskatchewan together gave up the ball ten times. Thankfully, other than points put up by B.C. in the first quarter, most of the turnovers went in favour of the Green and White. Now with three wins in a row going into the final two weeks of the regular season, the Roughriders’ momentum has fan confidence in winning the next game against the Stampeders sitting at +56. This index is calculated by taking the proportion who say that the ’Riders will “Absolutely win or chances look good” and subtracting the proportion who believe things are “Not looking very good or that there is no chance at all.” Fans predict that the ’Riders will defeat the Stampeders by a
single field goal, with average final scores coming in at 26 for Saskatchewan and 23 for Calgary.

Grey Cup Confidence Index

The Grey Cup Confidence index is calculated as follows: When presented with the question “How confident are you that the ’Riders’ will win the Grey Cup this year?” the percentage of respondents who said “No chance at all” or “Not looking very good” is subtracted from the percentage who answered “Absolutely. The Cup is ours” or “Chances look good.”

The dominating performance against the Lions has the Grey Cup confidence index on the rise this week, increasing 29 points to +42.

Team Performance Index

The strong team play by the Green and White has the overall team performance index up 28 points this week and currently sitting at +44. This index is calculated by subtracting the percentage of people who answered that the team’s performance in that game was “Atrocious” or “Poor” from the percentage who answered “Excellent” or “Very good.”

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