COVID Coping

How SaskWatch residents feel about COVID-19

At Insightrix, we are curious to know how Saskatchewan residents are holding up with all the COVID-19 events taking place. 

So, we surveyed 400 SaskWatch Research® panellists from March 24 – 26 to find out. 

We plan to do this survey every week for the next few months, so stay tuned for more updates.

Here’s what they told us in week one…

The word cloud below shows how people are feeling – in a single word:

In terms of self-reported mental health, SaskWatch members are quite low on the spectrum this week, with over one half placing themselves below “neutral”.

Lower mental health appears to result from by high levels of stress and anticipation that things may become worse before they get better in the future:

That said, even with the high levels of stress and concern for the coming weeks, SaskWatch panelists shared a range of positive experiences and stories that have emerged even with the challenges they are facing. 

Here are some highlights to help brighten your day:

In addition to the pictures shared above, below are a few heartwarming stories SaskWatch members shared as well:

Starting this week, we are sharing a few brief insights from our online community SaskWatch Research related to their thoughts and opinions regarding COVID-19. As we monitor and trend the results by week, we will share the information with you as we get it. 

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