A Slim Majority of Saskatchewan Residents Support Abolishing the Canadian Senate

A new independent online poll conducted by Insightrix Research suggests that there is support by more than one half of Saskatchewan residents for abolishing the Canadian Senate.

Specifically, 58% of all respondents stated that they would support the decision to abolish the Canadian Senate (40% strongly support and 18% somewhat support), while 18% would oppose (10% somewhat oppose, 8% strongly oppose). Equal proportions are either unsure or have no opinion the matter (12% each)

Males are more likely to support the abolition of the senate (66% vs. 51% among women), and support rises sharply with age (39% among 18-34 year olds versus 75% among those aged 55 years or more).

Research Details
A total of 803 randomly-selected SaskWatch Research™ panel members from Saskatchewan participated in the online research study between the dates of June 11th and 13th, 2013. Quotas were set by age and gender to match the general population of the province. As the research is conducted online, it is considered to be a non-probability proportion sample and therefore, margins of error are not applicable.

About SaskWatch Research™
Insightrix started developing the SaskWatch Research™ online market research panel in October 2007, using high-quality techniques including telephone recruitment and referrals from existing panel members. Presently, there are over 14,250 active panel members representing all regions of the province, and distributions of the general population. The panel membership closely matches the 2011 Census based on age, gender, household composition, household income and education. For more information, please visit: http://saskwatch.ca.

About Insightrix
Founded in 2001, Insightrix Research Inc. is a full-service market research firm that helps clients develop, administer, and manage data collection and information strategies. From its office in Saskatoon, Insightrix offers a comprehensive range of research services.

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4 comments On A Slim Majority of Saskatchewan Residents Support Abolishing the Canadian Senate

  • Kent-Krystofyr Paulson-Madsen

    To tamper with the Senate beyond minor reform is to tamper with that which makes our country one of the most stable and successful in the world. Our system of Government is Constitutional Monarchy and an Upper House is Essential to Parliamentary Democracy in the British Tradition. Our three tiered system consists of checks and balances that not only tried and safe but respected the world over. Few in our country are qualified or educated well enough to comment on what the Senate actually does and ought therefore to either educated themselves about our Senate before commenting or leave The Upper House to do it’s job and go about their business knowing we have one of the most effective, cost efficient and certainly the most stable forms of government in the entire world. Do not fix what isn’t broken and the Senate is far from broken; clean House a little, tidy and dust but Abolish, OUT OF THE QUESTION. Make not a tempest in a teapot when we have but a wave in a paddling pool.

    • One is unable to have checks and balances made by a so-called ‘third party’ when the third party is in bed with the government in power! Whether Liberal or PC, that is true, as shortly after gaining power, for some reason there are Senate resignations…I would suggest a cozy arrangement to keep Senate control by the governing party! The case for Senate abolishment has never been stronger! The most support for its existence is found in the few deemed to benefit, the die-hards, or the totally ignorant!

  • Abolish the Senate, absolutely. Abolish the Governor General, absolutely not. The GG has remained above politics in spite of being appointed and not elected. The Senate on the other hand is a collection of party hacks who could not get elected on their own. The alleged work the Senate does is well represented by all party commissions who review pending legislation. These are not times when the cost of superfluous pomp and ceremony makes any sense at all.

  • Do not abolish the Senate. Reform the Senate in order to make it effective. I can’t believe that rational, forward-thinking Saskatchewan residents would want to abolish the only Gov’t body that give us some regional representation. As a province with a small population, we need more than anyone to have some regional representation. We are always moaning about how the East is always making decisions for Saskatatchewan people with only their own benefits in mind. Well……..elect a Senate (doesn’t have to be a large number of members) with a fixed number of Senators for each province…..say four members for each province. Problem solved. Regional representation by people who are elected and accountable. You wouldn’t have to change their mandate or their powers of veto. My God, people. Open your eyes.

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