Roughrider Fans Weigh In

We’re 3 games down the pipe and, as far as the Riders are concerned, there is a lot to talk about!

This week, we asked Rider Nation their opinion about how the new roster is shaking out and fans were pretty positive

Nearly half of Rider fans (47%) feel the team has made positive roster changes since last season.

When it comes to fans with a less positive outlook, it turns out just over 1 in 10 (16%) feel the team hasn’t improved its roster since last season – another 37% of the fans we contacted weren’t sure.

About 1/4 of the fans we surveyed have already attended a game in the new Mosaic Stadium

Below is a word-cloud that shows how fans felt about their experience in the Riders’ new home:

An infographic representing Riders fan sentiment based on fans’ exact their predictions for the coming season – words repeated more often are displayed larger than those used less often.

With 3 games in the bag, 1 win and 2 losses, it seems like Rider Nation is pretty positive about how things are unfolding this season.

The new Mosaic stadium considered a season strength with Rider fans

After these last 3 games, fans consistently feel the top 3 strengths the team has this year are the fan atmosphere at the games (56%), having a new stadium to play in (51%) and the Riders’ offensive passing game (40%)*.

Below are a few fan comments about the season so far:

Here’s what other SaskWatch members had to say!

 “Close the revolving door of players. Develop talent.”

“Stay focused and motivated. Always play with the team in mind. Keep bleeding green!”

“Don’t be overconfident and stay focused for all the quarters. The coach might have to change his attitude or maybe we should consider another coach.”

 “Get rid of the field goal kicker.”

 “Not sure. I am on the fence with some of the decisions made the last couple of years and some of the players released. The media and the fans have gotten way too excited about the first two losses.”

“Offence is OK – defence needs to pull up its socks a bit.”

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Join up right now, speak out and make your opinion known.

*Note that multiple responses were possible so the items total more than 100%.

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