2012 ‘Rider Tracker- Going into Game 17

Now in its 18th week for 2012, a weekly poll conducted by Insightrix Research, asks a random selection of fans on the SaskWatch Research™ online panel about their opinions of the `Riders’ performance and predictions for the remainder of the season.

Upcoming Game Prediction & Score

Last week fans again predicted a win for the ‘Riders. However, the opposite result unfolded. In a hard fought game against Montreal, the ‘Riders came up short but have still clinched a playoff spot thanks to a Hamilton loss. Despite the tough loss, confidence in winning the next game is again positive. Presently, the index sits at +47, meaning a majority of fans believe the ‘Riders can pull off the win against Toronto this weekend. Final score predictions for the coming game suggest a victory for the Roughriders, with averages coming in at: Saskatchewan: 29, Toronto: 22.

Grey Cup Confidence Index

Following the loss, the Grey Cup index is down again this week and remains in the negatives. The Cup index fell a drastic 19 points to -46, showing that a majority of fans do not believe the ‘Riders will obtain the Grey Cup this year.

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